KBase is a php/MySQL based knowledge base/help document management system. It allows unlimited topic depth and is fully templated to allow you to fit it into the look and fill of your site. It also provides a means to password protect the entire knowledge base requiring your users to register for a password with a valid email address. You can delete users and control the entire system via the web based control panel.

If you maintain a set of help documents on a web site, whether on the internet or an intranet, this will make your job easier. KBase is far more than a basic faq manager, it is a scalable help document management system with complete search capabilites for your users. A good set of help documents can greatly reduce your support load, and with KBase, you can have those documents without trying to manage hundreds of html files.

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Demo the KBase v2.0 Control Panel

Username: admin
Password: admin

  • Some features are disabled in the demo.

  • Fast MySQL database backend
  • Complete script written in PHP, no javascript errors
  • Web Based Administration Panel
  • Unlimited topic/subtopic depth
  • Database backup and restore utility
  • Easy installation
  • Uninstall script included
  • Ability to password protect your documentation
  • Automatic registration and email verification of users when password protection is enabled
  • Password retrieval for lost passwords requiring email verification
  • Search utility
  • Ability to use html code in your knowledge base entries
  • Ability to control the look and feel through the control panel and a cascading style sheet
  • Amount of content only limited by the capacity of the MySQL database which is in excess of 50,000,000 records
  • Ability to have carriage returns recognized as br tags
  • Database validation of administrators to provide security
  • Multiple administrators
  • Fully templated so you can integrate it with your website
  • Topic reordering
  • Code tags to allow you to display html code in your knowledge base when needed
  • Database backup and restore utility
  • And much more........

The features list for KBase v3.0 is currently not completely set. However some things are under consideration. The next major change will likely be to allow user comments that can be displayed with the associated documents in the knowledge base. This allows the knowledge base to grow from the knowledge of it's users.

Additionally, we have had intentions since early 2001 to write a Support Ticket system. This is still a possibility. It will take some time and effort, but this may happen in early 2002.