Introducing KBase v2.0!

KBase is a php/MySQL based knowledge base/help document management system. It allows unlimited topic depth and is fully templated to allow you to fit it into the look and fill of your site. It also provides a means to password protect the entire knowledge base requiring your users to register for a password with a valid email address. You can delete users and control the entire system via the web based control panel. (more.....)

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Are you a web designer who often needs small php scripting work for your clients? We are here to help. We specialize in small projects that aid designers in adding dynamic content and content management to the sites that they work on for their clients. (more.....)

Every once in a while, we script a small piece of code that we find useful and interesting. We will provide links to download those resources here. So check back and see what we have.

NetStatus Monitor - NetStatus Monitor is a php/MySQL script that provides a visual picture of the status of various services across multiple servers. This is an ideal script for webhosts that want to provide a page where clients can view the status of all of the webservers and their services. Also, there is a provision for entering network status announcements into the database to keep your customers abreast of what is going on. It is fully templated, and, best of all, it is free! It is released under the GNU General Public License.